Chocolate Pot de Creme Recipe Le Gourmet TV

Chocolate Pot de Creme

Chocolate Pot de Creme this is the lowly chocolate pudding's, uptown cousin.

Vanilla Pot de Creme recipe le gourmet tv

Vanilla Pot de Creme

Pot de Creme? this is the lowly custard's, uptown cousin.

Egg Custard Tarts - Pastel de bata Recipe

Egg Custard Tarts

Our take on the Portuguese 'Pastel de nata’...

Gâteau Millasson (Gascon-Style Flan)  Recipe

Gâteau Millasson (Gascon-Style Flan)

Gascon-Style Flan
Not a pie, not a cake... Just incredible!

Baked Chocolate Custard Pudding Cups Recipe

Baked Chocolate Custard Pudding Cups

Is it custard? Is it pudding?
Who cares - this pudding recipe is all chocolatey greatness!

Toffee Custard Pudding Cups Recipe

Toffee Custard Pudding Cups

Looking for a really tasty and simple dessert idea?
Don't be afraid that you need to make caramel for this recipe - nothing scary about that.