How to make Vanilla Extract

How to make Vanilla Extract

Looking for the next great kitchen taste sensation?
Then try making Vanilla extract at home You're not going to save a pile of money, but you will get a huge payback in a more intense flavour!

Most people who get into baking graduate very quickly from 'Artificial' vanilla to real or pure vanilla extract... Then progress through the quality levels until they find one that tastes great at a price point they can live with.
That was the path we followed - and then we scoffed at the idea of making our own. How could it be any better than the best we could afford? Well it can be much better.

Oh and before you panic about there being VODKA in this... Vanilla is only soluble in alcohol, so yes that stuff you buy at the grocery store is at least 35-40% alcohol (in fact by law it has to be).


4 vanilla pods
½ cup (125 mL) vodka


Prep time: ,
Rest time: 6-8 Weeks


Makes: ½ cup


That's it, two ingredients.
Chop up the vanilla pods, throw them in a glass jar and cover with the vodka.
Shake it up and place in a cupboard for 6-8 weeks to steep.
If you remember give it a shake once in a while, if you forget about it - no problem.
After 6-8 weeks it should be a deep dark brown colour, and it'll be ready to use.
If really want, you can strain out the vanilla bits but we leave them in.

Use a neutral alcohol like vodka, rum or whisky will mask the subtle flavours of the vanilla.

'Bourbon' vanilla Isn't made with Bourbon... In this case it refers to the House of Bourbon, or the family that owned the plantation on the island of Bourbon (now Reunion) in the Indian Ocean. The term now generically refers to all Vanilla grown on the islands in the Indian ocean.


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