Gin Mule Cocktail

Gin Mule Cocktail

Score one for the good guys! Usually modern cocktails are classics with vodka instead of the original spirit. This one is different; this one takes the Vodka based Moscow Mule, and adds some flavour by using Gin. It's a winner.


0.5 oz simple syrup
0.5 oz lime juice
6-8 fresh mint sprigs
1 oz ginger beer + extra
2 oz gin
Garnish: mint sprig


Total time:


Makes: 1


Slap the mint to release it's oils and drop into a mixing beaker.
Add lime juice, simple syrup, and ginger beer. Ice your Mule Mug, and the mixing beaker.
Stir the mixing beaker and then strain into the mule mug.
Top up with some more ginger beer and garnish with a mint sprig.

Tip: This drink really won't work with ginger ale; it definitely needs the added taste punch of the stronger ginger beer.

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