Aqua Cotta (Cooked Water) Soup Recipe Le Gourmet TV

Aqua Cotta (Cooked Water) Soup

I enjoyed this soup in Maremma, in a small family owned restaurant.

48 Hour Beef Bone Broth (In a slow cooker)

48 Hour Beef Bone Broth (In a slow cooker)

Bone Broth... Didn't our Grandmothers just call this soup stock?

Banana Date Smoothie Recipe Le Gourmet TV

Banana Date Smoothie

Dates give a natural sweetness to this thick and rich smoothie.

Zuppa Dorata Golden Soup Recipe - Le Gourmet TV

Zuppa Dorata (Golden Soup)

This soup gets its golden colour from the saffron threads, which are used throughout Italy to provide a slight lemony flavour and gorgeous orange hue.

Savoury Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe- Le Gourmet TV

Savoury Stuffed Mushrooms

This is a fantastic appetiser for a romantic dinner party!

Zuppa di Minestre Minestrone Soup Recipe - Le Gourmet TV

Minestrone Soup

This soup is a classic in everyone’s home and each family has their own recipe.

Cinnamon Hearts Ice Cream Recipe- Le Gourmet TV

Cinnamon Hearts Ice Cream

The 'official' ice cream of Valentines Day!

Zuppa di Tortellini (Tortellini Soup) Recipe - Le Gourmet TV

Tortellini Soup

Nana Ortenzia makes this soup with homemade stock

Jelly Doughnut Heart Cake Recipe

Jelly Doughnut Heart Cake

This is a big baked heart shaped jelly doughnut cake, perfect for a romantic Valentines Day dinner!

Pasta E Fagioli (Beans and Pasta Soup) - Le Gourmet TV

Beans and Pasta Soup

Beans and pasta, can’t get much more peasant than this in a rich hearty broth.